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Restaurant of seasonal cuisine and proximity in Girona?

dit i fet.

Croquetes de cua de bou ditifet
servei restaurant ditifet


In Ditifet the protagonist is the product that our environment offers us, taking care of the smallest detail in each elaboration, applying current techniques and ideas to the traditional dishes.

Ostra Guillardeau al natural ditifet


Led by Adrià Edo in the kitchen and Júlia Trota in the dining room, we form a team passionate about gastronomy, where each piece of our puzzle is key to provide an exceptional culinary experience to each of our customers.

the menu.

Within the simplicity, our proposal will make you rediscover flavors that have been forgotten. You will find product cuisine, spoon cuisine, Catalan cuisine with a look at the cuisine of the peninsula. We understand that the dishes are as important as the fact of pairing them with a good wine, so we have a wide range of wines from around the world.

the space.

Located in the heart of the Barri Vell of Girona, the restaurant is a reflection of the past and present of the city. The space combines the charm of the historic buildings of the old quarter with an elegant and modern atmosphere. The open kitchen, as a symbol of identity, allows customers to live a complete experience.  
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